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MasturbationPage.com has been online since 1997.  We are simply devoted to the art of self-pleasure. We are the place to see all of the latest and sexiest masturbation online.  We’ve amassed 1000’s of stories, chat, post at the forum or check out our exclusive photos and videos of amateurs masturbating.  …

Real Orgasms

  We’re all about amateur masturbation and masturbation is all about the orgasm.  This is the real deal and we capture our girls masturbating just like they do at home.  Some like fingers, some like toys, some have visible contractions, some have vocal orgasms, some even squirt.  These are the …

How do you like it?

We capture orgasms just like they do at home.  Humping pillows and countertops, fucking vegetables or some good, old-fashioned clit play, we leave it up to the girl to show us her personal method.

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Free with your MasturbationPage.com membership is full access to ClubStroke.net.  You choose: Enjoy hot girls with full access at Yanks.com, hot studs with full access at Clubstroke.net or enjoy both.  You can use your user/pass at one or both sites.  It’s up to you.  Either way, you’ll love what you …

Recent Articles:

Hairy Pussy Finger Fun

Oh how we love the hairy pussy! Always did, always will. All natural!

Marie from Yanks.com has a hairy pussy, a nice full bush. Reminds us of a different time! And not only does Marie have a hairy pussy, but also loves getting off the old fashion way – with her fingers! Buck naked on the bed, legs spread… And fingers in her pussy!

marie finger mastrubation

You can just tell she’s getting into this masturbation session… She’s on fire, has an itch to scratch, and the only ways she’s going to forfill the itch is to masturbate herself with her fingers.

Pocket Rocket Fun

Emily is a woman who knows what she likes!

She’s not afraid to use big sex toys – she once had a super huge dong – but she’s since learned that size doesn’t matter! Emily carries her little pocket with her everywhere she goes, and she uses it any chance she gets…

With her vibrator up in her pussy, and that smile on her face… She’s looking like she’s about to get off in short order here!

emily c pocket rocket

Clearly she knows exactly how to get herself off when fucking herself with her little pocket rocket!

Sophia Masturbates

Sophia is in a hurry to get off and it looks like she’s quickly on her way! She’s got her legs spread, finger buried deep in her pussy…

She knows how to masturbate and she knows exactly how to touch herself to get herself off quickly when masturbating!

sophia fingers pussy

Such a beautiful sight watching this hottie finger herself with her fingers masturbating!

Amber Gets Off

Because it’s Friday we have a special treat for you here at Masturbation Page. Yanks.com has lots of videos of women masturbating, and each woman does a masturbation interview. Usually here on Masturbation Page we show one or the other – either a video of them masturbating or video footage of them talking about their masturbation habits, but with Amber Grand she was so damn interesting we thought we would post both up for a Friday morning update!

Amber Grand is a quiet one, quiet as a mouse… She didn’t discover the joys of masturbating with sex toys until she was in her early twenties… You can tell from her interview how quiet she is!



[flv:/videos/amberg.flv 420 248]


But when you hand Amber Grand a high powered sex toy… She doesn’t hold back, that’s for sure!
[flv:/videos/amberg2.flv 420 248]

Jesse Capelli

We’ve seen some hot women masturbate in our time… But so few as hot as Jesse Capelli! We found her on the Ron Harris website, which is full of both beauty and babes masturbating.

This time Jesse Capelli isn’t using a glass dildo like most of the chicks on Ron Harris, but instead she’s using her fingers…

jessi masturbates fingers in pussy

Either way it’s still hot and either way Jesse Capelli is going to get off by masturbating!

Hurry To Masturbate

All chicks like to masturbate; Don’t let them lie to you. This babe from FTV girl seems to be in a huge hurry to get off!

She started off using her vibrator to masturbate…

ftv girl masturbates1 ftv girl masturbates2

And then moved over to using her fingers to masturbate… But finished off with the vibrator rubbing on her clit!

ftv girl masturbates3 ftv girl masturbates4

All caught on video at FTV Girls!



Carys Masturbates

Carys loves nothing more than to spend an afternoon alone and naked exploring her body and using her fingers to explore the innermost areas of her pussy… Her fingers can go places that no cock or dildo can reach! And thus Carys, from abbiewinters.com, uses her fingers!

Nothing gets her off faster, quicker, or better than when she masturbates using her fingers!

carys sexy masturbation

For this stunning beauty, finger masturbation is the way to go!

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